Parking Ticket Appeal

Village of Nyack
Justice Court
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Review of Parking Tickets Without Court Appearance

The Court Clerk’s Office is accepting tickets for review by the Court without requiring a court appearance under the following circumstances:

  1. Typographical errors entered electronically or through a kiosk.
  2. Proof of payment for the time-period and zone in question.
  3. Problems with inspection stickers from windshield replacement
  4. Parking permit pass with proof provided.
  5. Paying for the wrong zone but displaying the proper times.
  6. Handicap parking with proof provided.
  7. Wrong license plate chosen on the parking app.

Individuals contesting tickets which meet these criteria can present the ticket to the Court Clerk’s Office with appropriate proof of the claimed error.  All information on the back of the ticket must be completed and proper identification provided.  

Personnel in the Court Clerk’s Office and the Village Clerk’s Office will determine whether a contested ticket meets the above criteria.  Tickets accepted by the Clerk’s office for review are not considered dismissed, and individuals challenging tickets will be notified of the Court’s decision or if further action is required.  The Justice Court will only keep electronic records of tickets reviewed in this manner.  All physical correspondence submitted will be returned to the Village Clerk’s office.

Ticket’s not meeting the criteria for administrative review may still be contested at regularly scheduled court dates.  Any issues regarding administrative review of tickets will be addressed to the Village Justice.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ryan Bates, Court Clerk at (845) 358- 4464.