Road Paving Schedule

Road Paving Schedule 2023

Paving for 2023 is scheduled on the following village streets: 

  • Lydecker Street - Broadway to Gedney Street
  • Gedney Street - Main Street to Ackerman Lane
  • Pine Street - Waldron Ave to Village border with Clarkstown
  • Main Street - Route 9w to Midland Avenue
  • Depew Ave - Memorial Park to South Franklin Ave - will receive an alternate road surfacing treatment from Gorman Group. 
Tilcon NY is scheduled for paving over the summer months, as soon as we have a schedule, notification will be made. Indus Inc. will also be working in the village in the coming months to crack seal on the following roads: North MIdland Ave, Jackson Ave, Sixth Ave, High Ave (Rte 9w to Midland Ave), Liberty St, Tallman Ave, Grand Ave, Fifth Ave (Midland Ave to Francis Ave), Second Ave, Third Ave.

Nyack DPW will focus on some areas with milling and patching. There are a number of streets that are scheduled for water main replacement in 2023 and 2024 and a complete repaving will follow that work - those streets include: Marion Street, Jefferson Street, First Avenue (Broadway to  N. Franklin St), Central Ave (5th to 6th), Francis Avenue, Church Street, Cedar Street, Park Street, Bridge Street.

Road Paving Schedule 2022 & Road Paving Map 2021-2022

All paving is complete, with the exception of the two speed hump installations on High Ave. The speed humps are expected to be installed this week. DPW is working on finishing all line striping and crosswalk painting as well.

12:00pm - Hudson Ave between S. Broadway and Franklin St has been completed. Tilcon is planning to pave Hudson Ave between Franklin St and Prospect St. Tilcon returns on Monday, November 28, 2022 to complete the paving project. Thank you to all our residents with your cooperation with the paving project.
8:30am - Tilcon is working on High Ave now and is planning to move to Hudson Ave (starting at S. Broadway) next. Updates will be posted throughout the day.

11/22/22 - It's hard to keep up with Tilcon today!! Here's the latest:
5:00pm - All roads have reopened. Tilcon will return in the morning, finish High Ave and then move to Prospect St, S. Mill St, and Hudson Ave. 
1:45pm - Tilcon has finished High Ave from Franklin St to Broadway and is now on the move to High Ave from Franklin St heading west to Midland Ave. 

11:26am - Tilcon is planning to pave High Ave next - between Franklin Street and Broadway. Upper High will be Wednesday, November 23, 2022. 

9:30am - Tilcon is finishing up on Main Street and plans to move to High Avenue today. Updates will be posted throughout the day.


Update: as of 1pm Tilcon notified the Village that they are unable to make it to Nyack today for paving due to problems at their plant. We are frustrated by this late day notification and thank all residents who moved their cars in anticipation of the paving project. Tomorrow morning, Tilcon will start on Main Street and move to High Ave when complete. Work will continue on Wednesday, November 23 and next Monday, November 28, 2022. 

Tilcon will be in the Village to start paving on Monday, November 21, 2022 around noon on High Avenue.  Work is expected to last until 5pm. If your street has no parking signs - please move the cars off the road as requested. Tilcon plans to return on Tuesday and Wednesday, details will be posted as soon as available. 

Main Street will be closed on Monday, November 21, 2022 between Route 9w and Midland Ave for sewer work. 


Milling is now complete on all roads scheduled for paving next week. Tilcon has tentatively (weather dependent) confirmed paving for Monday, November 21, 2022 to Wednesday, November 23, 2022. Parking regulations are still lifted on selected side streets (see map here) and the village lots are available FREE of charge for residents displaced by the project. Thank you for your patience as we wait for Tilcon to return for paving. Please drive SLOWLY over milled roads. Any questions - please give us a call at 845-358-3552. Please watch for signs to be posted on streets for exact paving dates. 


Milling has been completed on all streets scheduled for paving except for Main Street - which will happen tomorrow, Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

Paving is delayed (due to weather) until Monday, November 21, 2022. Updates will be posted daily. OK to park on milled streets. Paving notices will be posted in advance. 

 11/14/22 - Milling has been completed on South Mill Street, Prospect Street and parts of Hudson Ave. Milling will continue tomorrow on Hudson Ave and move to High Ave. Milling for Main Street is expected to start on Wednesday, 11/16/22. Residents - please follow parking guidance - see below. Drive slowly over milled roads. 

Updated on 11/11/22

Tilcon plans to start Nyack's Fall Paving 2022 on Monday, November 14, 2022 to November 16, 2022 for milling. Paving is scheduled to start on Friday, November 18, 2022 and continue on Monday 11.21.22 and Tuesday 11.22.22.  

The following streets will be milled and paved this fall: 

- Prospect St
- South Mill St
- Hudson Ave (Broadway to Summit Ave)
- Main St (Midland Ave to Franklin St)
- High Avenue (Midland Ave to Broadway)

The "south side" of the village will be milled first, then on to High Ave and Main St. Updates will be posted daily. 



Please do not pile any leaves in the roadway!! This could delay the roadwork!! 

Please move all cars off the road and out of driveways by 6am.

Access will be restricted once the roads are paved until the asphalt has cooled.

Parking regulations are being lifted on side streets during the paving project - click here for a map of where to park during construction.

The village lots on Main Street will be available at no charge during the paving project. 

Any questions, please give us a call at 845-358-3552 or


Paving 2022 Part 1 is complete! The following streets were milled and repaved in July 2022:  Upper Depew Ave, Dickinson Ave, Bache St, Jewett Place, Lawrence St. 

Paving 2022 Part 2 is scheduled for the Fall - Tilcon has given us a tentative start date of November 14, 2022 for the following streets: 

- Prospect Street

- South Mill Street

- Hudson Ave (Broadway to Summit Ave)

- High Avenue (Midland Avenue to Broadway) 

- Main Street (Midland Ave to Franklin St - possibly Route 9w to Midland Ave if infrastructure work is completed by 11.11.22)

Thank you to all residents for your patience with the water main and gas main projects. Any questions, on road paving, please contact our DPW office at 845-358-3552 or

Road reconstruction is funded through cost share agreements with O&R, the Nyack Water Department and the New York State Department of Transportation Consolidated Highway Improvement Plan (CHIPS).

More Paving News! 

NYSDOT will be repaving Route 59 from Route 303 to Route 9w. This project includes sidewalk work and is expected to start in spring 2022.

The Village has secured funding from the NYSDOT to repave Main Street from Route 9w to Franklin Street. The project will include drainage improvements too. Stay tuned! 


Roads were prioritized by the following criteria:  

  1.  Street was not paved in more than 10 years.
  2.  Street has trench work, and road surface is in disrepair.
  3.  Street is not scheduled for any water main replacement. 

The following streets were repaved in September 2021: 

  • Front Street - from 6th Ave to northern border
  • West End Ave - from 6th Ave to dead end
  • Central Ave - from 6th Ave to dead end (Central Ave from 6th Ave to 5th Ave is scheduled for water main replacement).
  • Hart Place - from 6th to 5th Ave
  • Anna Street - from Cedar Hill to Depew Ave
  • Crosby Street - from Depew Ave to dead end

Road Paving 2011 - 2020 a 10 year road map!