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9 N. Broadway
Nyack Village Hall

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Zoning Board of Appeals

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 7-712-b of the New York State Village Law, the Village of Nyack maintains a Zoning Board of Appeals consisting of five members and two alternate members appointed by the Village Board. All members serve on a volunteer basis.

The Zoning Board of Appeals hears and decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision, interpretation, or determination of the Building Inspector, the Planning Board and the Architectural Review Board. Such appeals fall into two categories: those seeking “interpretations” of the zoning code and those seeking “variances” from the code. In addition, the Board is empowered to grant special use permits in certain instances as defined in the Zoning Code. 

Zoning Board of AppealsTerm LimitTerm Expiration
Steve Knowlton, Chairperson1 yearDecember 2023
Ellyse Okin Berg5 yearDecember 2024
Roger Cohen5 yearDecember 2026
Richard Gressle5 yearDecember 2027
John Dunnigan5 yearDecember 2027
Miriam RubintonAlternate