Water Main Replacement Capital Project

Water Main Replacement Project – The Water Main Replacement Project is a multi-phase capital improvement project that will replace water mains, valves and home service connections to the curb stop in selected streets within the Village limits as well as sections outside of the Village limits that we serve. This capital improvement project will replace water distribution pipes that are near the end of their useful life, and will reduce the number of main and service breaks that have been increasing in recent years. The full list of the streets that will receive new mains, valves and service connections to the curb stop can be found here. Phase One of the project construction will replace approximately 4.9 miles of water main. Phase One main replacement represents over 10% of the 44 miles of water distribution system piping. The water main replacement project is scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2019. To complete the full capital Water Main Replacement Project, it is designed as a Three-Year Phase program with an appropriation of $10,000,000