Nyack is a local leader on climate action and is committed to protecting the environment through planning, policy, and practice.

The Sustainability Coordinator organizes the Village's participation in initiatives, including the NYS Climate Smart Communities and NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities programs, and supports collaboration among Village officials, departments, boards, committee and community groups to advance the Village's sustainability agenda.  

The Nyack Climate Smart Committee helps the Village government and the community address climate change. The committee has working groups on clean energy, recycling and waste, greener transportation, natural resources, and adapting to climate change impacts.  

Nyack Climate Action Plan – Nyack 2030:  Nyack is developing  a roadmap for climate action with a set of goals and milestones for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change by 2030.   Input from a broad cross section of  the community will shape the plan, starting with a public workshop to be held in March.  This $40,000 project has been funded in part by The Climate Smart Community Grant Program, Title 15 of the Environmental Protection Fund through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.”

Climate Smart Communities:  Nyack was the first community in Rockland County to achieve  Bronze certification in the Climate Smart Communities program and continues to follow the guidance it provides on all aspects of climate mitigation and adaptation.

NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities:  Nyack was the first community in Rockland County to become a designated Clean Energy Community. The Village has earned an impressive 4100 points in the program by accomplishing  High Impact Actions and has received $20,000 in no cost grants for clean energy projects.  See our score cared here.

To learn more and get involved contact Marcy Denker:

2022 Highlights

Nyack Climate Smart Committee

LED Streetlight Conversion

LED Lights at Nyack Water Treatment Plant
100% Renewable Energy Contract signed for 2023 for Village owned and operated buildings.

Low-carbon Concrete included in bid request for Burd Street and Broadway sidewalk projects scheduled for 2023.

No-Mow May
Village conducted small pilot projects on parkland to test the concept of delaying spring mowing to support early pollinators. 

Leaf Blower Ordinance: The law permits seasonal use of gas powered leaf blowers through 2023, and initiates a permanent year-round ban as of 2024.

Tree Plantings

  • $25,000 Tree planting with depaving, soil decompaction, and plantings for pollinators. 
  • $1,000 from Tree City Rewards Grand funding the planting of 5 elms on Artopee.

Pollinator Pathway: Nyack support Pollinator Pathways in planting of five new beds in the downtown area and one in the Nyack Marina. 

Electric Vehicle Purchase for the Building Department, with partial funding from Clean Energy Communities Grant. 

Food Scrap Recycling: Nyack is the top participant in the Orangetown Food Scrap Recycling Program.

Coming Soon

Village Hall Roof Project to improve insulation.

New Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Plans for new, faster level 2 chargers downtown and by the marina. 

DPW Energy Efficiency Upgrades to LED lights, heat pump and better HVAC ventilation

Ongoing Successes

Curbside Recycling, annual trend data on volume and rebates received from Rockland Green.
Benchmarking Energy Use in government buildings.
Community Choice Aggregation Program
Nyack Tree Project volunteers have planted approximately 295 trees since the program started in 2016. 


Marcy Denker, Co-Chair
Steve Cea, Co-Chair
Andy Stewart, Village Administrator
Elizabeth McGrory
Tristan Schwartzman
Christina Leano
Rachel Lovell
Taylor Mandelbaum

Current projects 

Energy Efficiency Upgrades:  Researching and developing plans for the DPW, Water Plant, and Village Hall.  

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy: Developing a proposal 

EV Charging Stations and Electric Vehicle Grant writing and project research and support.  

Climate Action Plan Support with input and organizing

Climate Smart Newsletter:  Planning for a downloadable pdf newsletter to be emailed from the Village regularly.

Climate Action Plan

NYACK 2030 Report DRAFT September 29, 2023

NYACK 2030 Presentation October 26, 2023

Climate Smart Committee Meeting Minutes