Nyack's Commitment to Sustainability

Nyack is a local leader on climate action and is committed to protecting the environment through planning, policy, and practice.  The Village established the role of Sustainability Coordinator and joined the Climate Smart Communities program in 2013 to organize these efforts, and since then, dedicated volunteers and Village staff have worked together to address climate change and other environmental challenges through local action. These municipally-led efforts support and complement private efforts by households and businesses – installing solar panels, LED lights and energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling, backyard composting, curbside recycling, planting trees and much more.

Nyack 2030 is an initiative of the Village of Nyack and community partners, addressing the climate crisis locally and forging a path to a resilient and sustainable future.  With support from, the schools, library, businesses, houses of worship, civic organizations, nonprofits and individuals we will reduce greenhouse emissions 75% from our 2018 emissions by 2030 and create a foundation for a sustainable future.  Visit the Nyack 2030 website here! 

Current Projects

Village Board adoption of the Nyack 2030 Climate Action Plan  January 25, 2024

Nyack 2030 Climate Fair   February 7, 2024, from 7-9 p.m. at Nyack Center

Drive Electric Nyack Campaign

Nyack Clean Heat Challenge

Policies on Green Procurement and Green Energy Purchasing

Electric Vehicle Purchase for Building Department

Installation of New Municipal EV Charging Stations

DPW Energy Efficiency Upgrades to LED lights, heat pump and better HVAC ventilation.

Village Hall Roof Project (will improve heating/cooling efficiency)

Nyack 2030 Climate Action Plan and Greenhouse Gas Inventories 

With extensive input from across the community and Village of Nyack staff, Nyack developed a detailed, user-friendly roadmap for climate action in 2023, with a set of goals and milestones for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change by 2030. The emissions reductions goals are based on greenhouse gas inventories for government operations and the community.

Nyack 2030 Climate Action Plan click here

The inventories of greenhouse gas emissions from the community and government operations provide the benchmarks by which we can measure our progress reducing emissions via the Nyack 2030 Climate Action Plan. Click HERE to read the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

This $30,000 project was funded in part by The Climate Smart Community Grant Program, Title 15 of the Environmental Protection Fund through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. 

The Nyack Climate Smart Committee organizes the Village's participation in NYS  programs and other initiatives. The committee’s leaders coordinate collaboration among Village officials, departments, boards, committee and community groups to advance the Village's sustainability agenda. Working Groups on Energy, Transportation, Waste, and Natural Resources plan and implement projects following the action agenda laid out in the Nyack 2030 Climate Action Plan. 

The Village made the pledge to become a Climate Smart Community in 2013.  Nyack was the first community in Rockland County to achieve Bronze certification in the program and the first to be designated a NYSERDA Clean Energy Community.  The Village recently received the Climate Stalwart Award from the Hudson Valley Regional Council for its longstanding commitment to sustainability work.

To learn more see the project website and Facebook pages (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) and to get involved contact co-chairs:

Marcy Denker 845-709-9869

Steve Cea (973) 670-2696


Nyack 2030 Climate Action Plan (Final draft. Plan to be adopted January 2024)

100% Renewable Energy for Residents and Small Businesses with Rockland Community Power

100% Renewable Energy Contract signed for 2023 for Village owned and operated buildings.

Leaf Blower Ordinance: The law permits seasonal use of gas powered leaf blowers through 2023, and initiates a permanent year-round ban as of 2024.

NY Stretch Code Adoption 2022: Ensures new construction in Nyack complies with energy efficiency standards

Nyack Tree Project

  • $32,000 in donations for tree plantings
  • $50,000 grant for professional tree maintenance
  • 300 street trees planted since 2016

Pollinator Pathway: Nyack supports the Pollinator Pathways in planting of pollinator-friendly planting beds in the downtown area, Memorial Park and Nyack Marina.

Food Scrap Recycling: Nyack established a satellite drop-off location at Nyack DPW for the Orangetown Food Scrap Recycling Program.

Low-Carbon Concrete included in bid request for Burd Street and Broadway sidewalk projects scheduled for 2023.

LED Streetlight Conversion: Nyack converted all its streetlights to LEDs to save on energy costs and consumption, and therefore GHG emissions.

LED Lights at Nyack Water Treatment Plant

Clean Energy Communities Bronze Certification 2019 

Climate Stalwart Award, from Hudson Valley Regional Council 2023

Designated member of Climate Smart Communities   5000 points as of Dec. 2023

Sustainability Update to Comprehensive Master Plan 2016

Sustainable Nyack Action Plan 2015-16

Flextech Study of Village Hall and Nyack Water Plant

Curbside Recycling Program – in partnership with Rockland Green and Capasso Carting

Leaf Pickup – all leaves and green waste composted at Rockland Green

Nyack Climate Smart Committee Members

Marcy Denker and Steve Cea, Co-Chairs
Andy Stewart
Christina Leano
Doug Kaufman
Frankie Lede
Glenn Sungela
Harry Vetter

Joel Newton
Kathy Schwarz
Andrew Goodwillie

Kier Levesque

Liz McGrory

Maegan Ciolino

Pearl Gray

Peggy Kurtz

Rachel Lovell

Rosemary Farrell

Shelley Kaufman

Taylor Mandelbaum

Tristan Schwartzman

Climate Smart Committee Meeting Minutes