Village Response to Anti-Semitic Graffiti

The Mayor, the Village Board and everyone at Nyack Village Hall was absolutely horrified to hear of the swastikas scratched into the bathroom walls at our local Starbucks. The brazen hatred conveyed by this symbol of murder and destruction is the antithesis of what our inclusive and kind Village has always been known for. We are disgusted and deeply sad that this kind of ugliness has seeped into our wonderful community, a community rich with diversity, creativity and loving support for our neighbors. Orangetown PD were notified yesterday and immediately began an investigation of this incident. We expect the perpetrators, when apprehended, to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We encourage anyone who sees this type of act to report it immediately to authorities. This should not be tolerated by anyone.

We also want to note an extraordinary and truly frightening rise in anti-Semitism, not just in our nation but in our small County. We, elected officials and community members, have a responsibility to denounce this kind of hatred whenever we see it, in whatever form it comes and from whomever it originates. We want to thank Governor Cuomo for condemning this act and for providing valuable resources to add to our investigation. Thank you to all Rockland County Officials who swiftly condemned this and all forms of hatred in our communities”. We must speak out against these hateful acts without any equivocation, this is not acceptable in our community.

A swastika is an easily recognizable symbol of a period that included the brutal murders of Jewish men, women and children, the differently-abled, members of the LGBTQ community and millions of other innocent people. But other, less recognizable but real forms of anti-Semitism are also on the rise and we must continue to speak out. Out of the acceptance of anti-Semitic language rises the perceived acceptability of swastikas in public places. It must stop.

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