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Sustainability Coordinator and Committee

Nyack has made a commitment to protect the environment through planning, policy, and practice. The Village’s Sustainability Coordinator works with a Sustainability Committee that includes the mayor, municipal staff, and community volunteers to help the community to prepare for the impacts of Climate Change, reduce carbon emissions, and protect and enhance the Village’s natural resources.

NYACK 2030 Climate Action Plan and Coalition

The Village of Nyack is developing a Climate Action Plan--a local roadmap of prioritized goals and strategies to aggressively target the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate adaptation by 2030. A steering committee will develop the plan, and the process will involve dedicated outreach to involve many organizations and individuals of all ages throughout the Nyacks. Our goal is to develop not just a strong plan, but a lively and organized coalition of community partners that will work together on the years ahead for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future for our Villages. We welcome your involvement.

Interested in learning more and getting involved?   

Contact: Sustainability Coordinator, Marcy Denker


Community Choice Aggregation

Nyack has a plan for the whole community to power up with local, renewable energy. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is an energy bulk purchasing program that allows the Village to purchase green power for all Nyack residents and small businesses at a fixed and lower price than the standard O&R rate.  This program provides an exciting opportunity for all of us, even as a small community, to make a difference in our carbon footprint by switching to clean energy, while still reducing costs. 

LED Streetlights

Nyack will soon convert all the streetlights in the village to LEDs and save money on energy and maintenance. To learn more see a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Home Energy Efficiency Assessments and Upgrades

Nyack is working with a Community Energy Advisor to help residents and businesses reduce their energy use and costs by taking advantage of the many incentive programs available. Programs offer free and low cost services and upgrades, according to income level.  We can connect you to resources, help you find a program that is right for you, and provide support while you’re in the process of having an assessment and upgrading your house, apartment or business.

Come out to the  SAVE MONEY/SAVE ENERGY WORKSHOP about energy efficiency programs at Nyack Library on October 28th from 6:30-8:30. Contact Marcy Denker to learn more and register.

Transportation Working Group

The Transportation sector is our largest source of our greenhouse gas emissions as a community. Making streets and sidewalks more accessible for all users is one way we can reshape the landscape and promote lower impact ways to get around. 

The Greater Nyack Bike Walk Master Plan, funded by the New NY Bridge Community Benefits Fund, is a roadmap to improve safety and access to destinations in the Nyack river villages and Valley Cottage through better roadway design, wayfinding and signage, education, and enforcement.  Click here to read more about the Greater Nyack Bike Walk Master Plan. 

Complete Streets

Complete streets are streets for everyone. They are designed to be safe and enjoyable for pedestrians, bicyclists, disabled people, and motorists of all ages and abilities. Nyack has adopted a Complete Streets Policy and has been making improvements to sidewalks, adding crosswalks and traffic signals. Planned upgrades for Broadway under the Transportation Alternatives Program grant to be implemented next year will make the commercial district safe, greener and more attractive, with planted bump outs at new crosswalks to calm traffic and better soils and paving for tree plantings.

In collaboration with Upper Nyack and South Nyack, the Village will be hosting a training session for officials and land use boards, police and fire department representatives, bicyclists and advocates for the handicapped and others at the RCC Culinary Arts School in Nyack on September 26 from 9-4. Contact Marcy Denker at if you would like to attend.

Share your time, ideas or expertise.  Contact Sustainability Coordinator Marcy Denker

Awards and Accomplishments

Designated Clean Energy Community

Nyack’s actions to become a registered Clean Energy Community include benchmarking energy use, installing an EV charging station for free public use, adopting the Unified Solar permit, and becoming a certified Climate Smart Community.

Bronze-Certified  Climate Smart Community

Nyack is a Bronze-level certified, the first community in Rockland County to achieve this recognition. The Climate Smart Communities program helps communities take meaningful actions to prepare for future impacts of Climate Change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program provides recognition, technical guidance, and preferred standing in competitive grant programs.

Certified EPA Green Power Partner

EPA's Green Power Partnership encourages organizations to buy green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with purchased electricity use. The Village of Nyack electric supply is 100% green.

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