American Rescue Plan Act


The County of Rockland has established the Rockland Resilient Recreation Grant Program, with ARPA funds, to reduce health inequities in the county by developing and enhancing public urban green spaces in communities that were disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Up to approximately $5 million will be made available through the Rockland Resilient Recreation Grant Program, which will foster these equity-focused investments in impacted communities. Individual reimbursement grants, ranging from $5,000 up to $200,000, will be awarded to nonprofit organizations and local governments to carry out projects that develop or enhance quality public urban green spaces that will be available to all Rockland County residents. The success of these equity-focused investments has the potential to reduce social inequities, expand economic opportunities, build resilient communities, and improve health quality throughout the county. Rockland County has awarded the Village of Nyack $795,000 in ARPA funds for Memorial Park improvements. The details are as follows: 

Great Lawn - $200,000 

This project will restore the "Great Lawn" of Memorial Park including repairs to the ballfield and the “goat path” from Piermont Avenue down to the lawn. 

ADA Access Road/Pathway & Entry Gate - $200,000

A new entry gate at Depew Avenue will provide pedestrian access is scheduled to be installed in June 2023.  A new access road from the parking lot to the playground/bathrooms will be ADA compliant and include an ADA pathway to the Splash Pad. Once a design is available from H2M Engineers, we will hold a meeting with all stakeholders for review.  Currently, waiting on survey work to be completed so that drainage issues in this area can be addressed. 

Playground Resurfacing, Water Fountain & replacement swings/equipment - $200,000 

The majority of this funding is for the playground resurfacing. The new playground equipment must be installed before the new surface. We are hoping for this project to be started in the fall 2023, but it could be spring 2024, depending on the availability of equipment (3-6 month wait), vendors, etc. The current funding of $170,000 for rubber surfacing most likely won’t cover the entire playground, but the focus will be on fall zone areas - slides, swings, etc.  

Playground Equipment - $195,000

This project includes a new tot-lot playground, new swingset, picnic tables and benches, and repair of asphalt pathway inside the playground. 

 August 2023 Update

* H2M Architects & Engineers made a presentation to the Village Board on August 10, 2023 to report on the design progress for all four grants. Following feedback received at the meeting, the "ring road" will be redesigned to be connect to the ADA accessible maintenance road beside the basketball court, wrapping around the splashpad terminating in front of the Memorial Steps. This pathway will provide required access for maintenance vehicles to the splash pad and sewage pumps.  

* Other changes discussed included the proposed relocation of the eastern entry gate into the Childrens Playground.  

* The finalized design plans should be available for bidding in September 2023. 

* A new swingset was ordered and will be installed by Nyack DPW when it arrives, delivery date is not available yet. 

  July 2023 Update

* Survey work has been completed. Projects are currently in the design phase with H2M Architects & Engineers. 
* Soil samples from 5 locations on the Great Lawn have been sent to Rutgers University for analysis. Testing results were received on 7/20/23 and have been sent to H2M for review. 
* New entry gate has been installed on Depew Ave and pedestrian access is now available on either side of the gate. The bright yellow gate is now visibile from Piermont Ave, and hopefully this deters vehicles from turning onto Depew Ave for park entry. 
* Received approval from Rockland County ARPA to purchase two upgrades for the "Big Climber" (ages 5-12) unit that will replace the "rock wall" and overhead climbing feature.  Take a peek at the new features here!!

June 2023 Update 

* Survey work, which is necessary for all the park projects is underway, and on track to be completed by mid-June.
* A new entry gate with pedestrian access is scheduled to be installed by Yaboo Fence in June 2023. 
* H2M Engineering has replaced previously selected vendors due to issues with vendors registration process with the federal government in the portal. H2M Engineeing has an active registration and has been approved to work on our park projects by Rockland County ARPA office, which is overseeing the administration of the funding.